fuck yeah, karine vanasse!
A blog dedicated to worshipping the multi-award winning French Canadian actress, producer and living embodiment of perfection that is Karine Vanasse.

Happy 30th Birthday, Karine Vanasse!

As Hanna in Emporte-moi (1999), Donalda Laloge in Séraphin: un homme et son péché (2002), Marie-Antoinette in Marie-Antoinette, la véritable histoire (2005), Nathalie Dagenais in Ma Fille, Mon Ange (2007), Valérie in Polytechnique (2009), Sophie Malaterre in Switch (2011), Daphne in I’m Yours (2011), Colette Valois in Pan Am (2011-12), Kate Ascher in All The Wrong Reasons (2013) and Margaux LeMarchal in Revenge (2013-?)